How to completely remove “System Check” virus (Removal Guide)


Please help! I have lost all of my work files! When my computer boots System Check window pops-up and says that I have a lot of problems with my computer including my hard disk drive, RAM memory and GPU. It says that all of my system files are damaged and system is unstable. When I click on Fix Errors it redirects me to the purchase page. Do I really need to buy this program to fix errors? I am a bit scared to provide my credit cards details. Please help me, I need to restore my work files. How to get rid of System Check virus? How to completely remove System Check from my computer?

System Check Removal

System Check Infection Symptoms

System Check is computer virus from the FakeHDD family of rogue software. It pretends to be like a utility for computer analysis and optimization but remember it’s fake! All of the alerts it sends to user that computer has a hard disc drive problems that may lead to loss of important data, that the RAM memory and system registry require repair, are fake and basically they are there just for one reason is to scare you. When users are scared they offer a simple solution to fix all of those errors but user needs to buy so-called “full version” of the program. The program isn’t cheap at all and it does nothing, so we can call it a scam. Also user providing his cred card information while purchasing the product and may end up being a victim of credit card or identity fraud or theft.

The program is installed on the computer without user’s permission. Your computer might get infected by visiting some unknown, unsafe websites or if your computer is already infected by some malware. When System Check is installed it takes over your computer. It will install itself deep in the system folders and registry and will protect itself from removal. First of all it will perform a fake system scan and then will display some critical errors just to scare you. After that you will see a magnificent button to fix all of the critical errors and when you click on it, you will be redirected to the purchase page where you have to buy “full version” and fix all of those errors. Attention, in any case, do not provide your credit card information and do not purchase the software. It is fake, all of the scan results are fake too. You have nothing to worry about your computer. The only thing you should worry about is how to remove System Check.

System Check will change the settings of your system to automatically start itself when you login to Windows. It will block any Windows application on your computer and will block your access to the internet. This way it protects itself from being removed. Here are some examples of fake alerts:

The system has detected a problem with one or more installed IDE / SATA hard disks.
It is recommended that you restart the system.

Critical Error
A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive. System restart required.

Critical error
Windows can`t find disk space. Hard drive error.

System Restore
The system has been restored after a critical error. Data integrity and hard drive integrity verification required.

Windows – No Disk
Exception Processing Message 0x0000013.

Remember, do not panic. Your computer is fine and you will not lose any important data. All of these are fake messages in order to scare you so you pay money. On the screenshots below you can see some examples of the interface, fake scanning results, fake alerts and pop-ups displayed by System Check virus. All of these warnings are fake and can be ignored.



System Check is a virus which pretends to be a utility to scan and optimize system. It’s impossible to say how your computer got infected. Most of the times it comes from unsafe websites but also can be bundled with some freeware applications or updates. If you can’t see any of your files on the computer it doesn’t mean that they are gone. System Check hides them to scare you. Below we will provide you with a tutorial on how to completely remove System Check from your computer and restore your hidden files. Remember, do not buy the full version of this virus, your money and your personal information will be stolen.

How to remove System Check (Virus Removal Guides)

On this page you will find an all-inclusive guide, which will help you to remove System Check rogue software. Below you can find three automatically methods to clean up an infected computer and one manual method for advanced users. Please keep in mind, in order to successfully clean your computer you have to follow the steps and perform them in the correct order. If you are unsure about something or in doubt at any point, please stop and ask for our assistance in the comments below.

Step 1. Fixing your Windows system registry in order to remove System Check virus records.
Option 1. Removal of Adware System Check with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Option 2. Removal of Adware System Check with Emsisoft Anti-Malware
Option 3. Removal of Adware System Check with HitmanPro

Step 1. Fixing your Windows system registry in order to remove System Check virus records

System Check has invaded your system registry to launch itself before any application and to prevent you from running any other program. Follow the steps below to fix your system registry.

1. First you need to boot your computer in safe mode. For that you need to remove all floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, and then restart the computer. When the computer restarts, press and hold F8. You must press F8 before the Windows logo appears. Using the arrow keys select Advanced Boot Options and hit enter. After that select to start your computer in Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Command Prompt allows you to type and execute commands.


2. When Command Prompt window appears, please type explorer.exe and then press Enter on your keyboard as shown on the image below.


3. This command will launch Windows desktop. When the desktop appears feel free to close the Command Prompt window by clicking on the X in the right top corner of the window.

4. Make sure you are using a clean (non-infected) computer and download onto USB flash drive or burn to CD the program below to fix your Windows Registry:
REGFIX DOWNLOAD LINK (Clicking on this link will automatically start the download of the registry fix for the System Check virus).

5. Now you can plug in your USB flash drive or insert your CD into the infected computer. Go to your computer and open up the drive associated with your inserted media. You can access this drive by clicking on the Computer icon on your desktop or from the Start Menu.  Once you opened the drive, double-click on the regfix.reg file and allow the data to be merged when you are prompted. Once the data has been merged, you can click on the OK button and then remove the removable media from your computer. (Look on the image below).



6. Please reboot your computer into the normal Windows mode and login to your infected account. System Check shouldn’t bother you anymore with it’s fake alerts since we registered it and fixed our system registry. Please keep in mind that the virus itself is still on your computer. When your computer is booted please perform a full system scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Anti-Malware or HitmanPro as described below:

Option 1. Removal of System Check with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

1.1. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free(click on the banner below), double click on it to start the installation process. Keep following the prompts to continue with the setup process and press Finish when it is completed.




1.2. Virus Definition Updates – After the launch of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware the program may suggest you to update the virus definition database. However, if that didn’t happen we advise you to manually update the virus definition database. Follow the image below to proceed with updates.




1.3. On the Scanner tab, select “Perform full scan” option and then click on the Scan button, as you can see on the image below. Now Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will start scanning your computer for infections.



1.4. When the Malwarebytes scan will be completed, click on Show Result to see the list of threats that has been found.

1.5. After clicking on Show Results you will see the screen with all malware infections that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has detected. Please note that the infections found may be different than what is shown on the image. Make sure all of the infections are selected and click on Remove Selected to clean up your computer.

Option 2. Removal of System Check with Emsisoft Anti-Malware:

2.1. Download Emsisoft Anti-Malware(click on the banner below), then double click on it to start the installation process. Read the license agreement and select “I accept the agreement” and click on install in order to continue setup. Keep following the prompts to continue with the setup process and press Finish when it is completed.



2.2. After installation is completed EmniSoft Anti-Malware will be launched automaticaly. You will be prompted to choose between 30 days free trial period or order a full version. Choose your option and click Next.



2.3. Now Emsisoft Anti-Malware will begin to update it’s virus definitions and you will need to wait few minutes until the process is completed. In the dialog window you can see the progress of updating.



2.4. When the updates are completed you will be at screen asking if you want to enable PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) detection. This option will help you to prevent a lot of problems in future. Select Yes and click on Next.


2.5. Next step is to select the Deep Scan option and then click on the Scan button. The Deep Scan option allows the program to deeply scan your computer for any kind of infections.


2.6. Now you will see the scan dialog box. It might take a few minutes but you are here to clean infections, it is worth the wait to make sure your computer is properly scanned. Please wait until the scan process is fully completed.


2.7. When the scan has finished, you’ll be able to see the list of all infections that were found. Make sure you have selected all of the objects and click on Delete selected objects to delete them permanently or Quarantine selected objects if you are not sure about first option.


2.8. Sometimes to delete the infection reboot might be required. Click OK to reboot the system. Emsisoft Anti-Malware will clean up all the infection from your computer during reboot process.


Option 3. Removal of System Check with HitmanPro:

3.1. Download HitmanPro(click on the banner below), then double-click on it to start the program. Below you can find links to download the program for different versions of Windows, if you don’t know your Windows version we advise you to download 32-bit version of HitmanPro.

download_hitman32 download_hitman64hitman1

3.2. Now, after HitmanPro is launched you’ll need to follow the prompts (by clicking on the Next button) to perform a system scan.


3.3. On the next screen make sure that option “Yes, create a copy of HitmanPro so I can regularly scan this computer (recommended)” is selected and press Next.


3.4. HitmanPro will start scanning your computer and will search for any Adware or other malicious files as seen on the image below.

hitman43.5. Once the scan is done, you will see a screen with a list of the infected files that has been detected. Simply click on Next to remove these malicious files.


3.6. You will be prompted to choose between free 30 days trial period or purchase the full version of the program. Click on Activate free license to continue with 30 days trial or click on Buy Now to purchase the full version of HitmanPro to protect your computer.